How It Works

Each household gets a unique login, with distinct profiles for each member.

Share your needs and offers to connect with your community.

Speak up for yourself or help others by posting on their behalf.

See what your neighbours are posting and respond with compassion.

Visit the virtual lending library and consider adding items you’re willing to share.

Easily lend and borrow items. FIMBY keeps track of the details, so you don’t have to.

Stay informed with daily summaries of community activity.

Whether you’ve borrowed, shared, or just want to connect, you can say thanks, request prayers, share God stories, or voice a lament. It’s where we cultivate a tight-knit community of genuine care.

God has already planted the seeds of love in our community; let’s be the gardeners who help them thrive.

For an extended walkthrough, watch our FIMBY Fundamentals video.